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Re: [Rollei] Rolleiflex counter question

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From: "Rose Pasquarelli" <rosebudlet  >
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Sent: Friday, May 09, 2003 9:47 PM
Subject: [Rollei] Rolleiflex counter question

> Can anyone tell me how to reset the counter on a
Rolleiflex 3.5. I believe
> it is a RolleiflexAutomat 3.5 X
>  Is there something I have to do to reset it? or should it
do it
> automatically when the back is opened & closed up again
>  Thanks!
> ~~Rose Pasquarelli

    It should reset automatcally when the back is opened and
 The counter is reset by a lever or cam on the right bottom
of the camera (facing the back as though you were loading).
It is against the side and also closes the feeler rollers.
Its operated by a tab on the camera back which pushes
against it when the back is closed.
    If the counter is not resetting you can try working it a
few times but the camera probably needs cleaning and
    To work the winding mechanism without film make a
special spool for the top by winding some paper tape up on
one end of an empty spool. Put this in the top with the tape
under the toothed metering wheel at the left side. This will
operate the film metering and frame counter. Then put a
business card between the feeler rollers. You may have to
double it. Close the back and operate the crank. The camera
should wind as though there was film in it. You don't even
have to wind through to 12 on the counter. Open the back and
close it again and the counter should reset to zero. If it
doesn't do this consistently after two or three times the
lubrication has become gummy and is holding back the
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Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA


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