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Re: [Rollei] Help needed on GX Film loading

Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:

> Hola Pablo:
> You have an authoritative opinion,
nah... just passionate

>I understand your viewpoint. I like too much old
> Rolleiflexes to discuss on them,
I'd rather go unstucking shutters with some film inside Rolleiflexes,
discussing is just boring.

>I only want add that
> the GX is very well constructed and I insist that the
> Planar HFT produces wonderful color photographs. The
> High Fidelity Tansfer isn't a market reason, it's an
> excellent multicoating technique..
> Saludos
> Carlos

The FX/GX is not so well constructed as any F really was.
I see that in case the Braunschweig guys wished the build a camera with such
a quality the market price would be raised to unaffordable sums.
On the side of HFT treatment I'd say you're walking on the edge. It really
is a market reason and it might be better than older lenses (only in color
rendition) only in optic banks. Then a market reason again.

well, stirring up the thing is not that bad.
Let's go out and load our cameras more often instead.
By the way, I'd really like you to get one of those nice newer beasts. Then
you'd be invited for a nice walk together, same film loaded inside your GX
and my F, same processing lab and finally ... you know we'd be getting the
same. Just tell when you get your new toy and come down to Buenos Aires.
Let me know.