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Re: [Rollei] Help needed on GX Film loading

 Hola Pablo:
             You have an authoritative opinion, I
understand your viewpoint. I like too much old
Rolleiflexes to discuss on them, I only want add that
the GX is very well constructed and I insist that the
Planar HFT produces wonderful color photographs. The
High Fidelity Tansfer isn't a market reason, it's an
excellent multicoating technique.. 
- --- Pablo Kolodny <pablo  > escribió: >
Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:
> > Hi, I don?t wish start a  new discussion about the
> GX,
> > but it?s a terrific camera. The Planar HFT by
> Rollei
> > is superb (the color performance is wonderful),
> the
> > TTL exposure metering and flash metering at film
> > surface are better than the selenium cells by far.
> I
> > don?t have got a GX, but I tried it and I can say
> that
> > the GX is a great camera, it respects Rollei?s
> quality
> > tradition.
> > All the best
> > Carlos 
> Hola Carlos, 
> this is not intended to go against your opinion but:
> 1 - the GX, as you say, is a superb camera
> 2 - the GX is not so well constructed than most of
> earlier Rolleis
> 3 - the GX got a superb metering system, actually
> comparable to that in the
> 6008
> 4 - the GX got a superb Planar HFT by Rollei only
> better than older Planars
> in optic banks, it is not better than older Planars
> under any lighting
> condition nor color rendition. All of this such a
> stupid marketing reasons
> which drives people to buy newer gear.
> 5 - the only thing the GX respects to is, as
> mentioned above, the newer
> market needs more than any other Rollei tradition.
> Wish I have the chance the get a newer Rolleiwide in
> case it goes at lower
> price of what the older one usually it sold for.
> I wouldn't care to handle a lower quality Rolleiwide
> if it really were
> something one can afford.
> saludos
> Pablo

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