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Re: [Rollei] Help needed on GX Film loading

Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:

> Hi, I don?t wish start a  new discussion about the GX,
> but it?s a terrific camera. The Planar HFT by Rollei
> is superb (the color performance is wonderful), the
> TTL exposure metering and flash metering at film
> surface are better than the selenium cells by far. I
> don?t have got a GX, but I tried it and I can say that
> the GX is a great camera, it respects Rollei?s quality
> tradition.
> All the best
> Carlos 

Hola Carlos, 

this is not intended to go against your opinion but:

1 - the GX, as you say, is a superb camera
2 - the GX is not so well constructed than most of earlier Rolleis
3 - the GX got a superb metering system, actually comparable to that in the
4 - the GX got a superb Planar HFT by Rollei only better than older Planars
in optic banks, it is not better than older Planars under any lighting
condition nor color rendition. All of this such a stupid marketing reasons
which drives people to buy newer gear.
5 - the only thing the GX respects to is, as mentioned above, the newer
market needs more than any other Rollei tradition.

Wish I have the chance the get a newer Rolleiwide in case it goes at lower
price of what the older one usually it sold for.

I wouldn't care to handle a lower quality Rolleiwide if it really were
something one can afford.