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Re: [Rollei] Help needed on GX Film loading


It's pretty obvious that you are not familiar with the GX, as there
are no "two silver rollers".

I hope that this would not confuse the original questor, as the first
reply by Carlos was correct.


David Grasby wrote:

> Re: "Break the paper seal and pull the film backing paper
> up to the empty spool; insert the tapered end into the
> long slot."
> I'm not familiar with the GX, but I assume the loading is similar to the
> older Rolleis. In which case the film leader needs to go between the two
> silver rollers at the bottom of the camera before pulling it up to the
> take-up spool, otherwise the 'first-frame sensor' won't be activated and
> you'll waste a roll of film.
> Regards,
> David.
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> From: "Carlos Manuel Freaza" <cmfreaza  
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> Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2003 8:00 AM
> Subject: Re: [Rollei] Help needed on GX Film loading
> The Rolleiflex Gx has similar load - unload film
> system than the Rolleiflex T and Rollei Magic.
> Insert the empty spool into upper spool chamber,
> keeping key slot to the right.. Insert the new film
> spool into lower chamber (you must  pull out film
> spool knob, insert film, right side first and allow
> film knob to return to position). The tapered leading
> edge of the film backing paper must point in the
> direction it will go the film is run off.
> Break the paper seal and pull the film backing paper
> up to the empty spool; insert the tapered end into the
> long slot. Turn the crank, while braking the full
> spool with the left hand thumb - wind until the two
> printed triangular marks (or double arrows) are
> opposite the red (or green) dots at sides of the film
> aperture frame, then STOP¡. CLOSE THE BACK.
> If you want cock the shutter, turn crank forward to
> stop and back again in opposite direction to stop.
> Film frame counter indicates No 1, shutter is cocked.
> All the best
> Carlos
>  --- Simon Greenwood <mail   escribió: > I
> have just taken delivery of my first TLR, a GX I
> > bought on ebay and it does not
> > have a manual, I tried looking i the net, but all
> > the instructions seem to be for older
> > models that have less rollers at the top end.
> >
> > I have ordered a manual, but cannot wait to use it,
> > can anyone help with idiot proof
> > instructions? I did manage, to great satisfaction to
> > find the battery without help, but I
> > might as well get the film loaded right.
> >
> > regards
> > Simon Greenwood
> >
> >
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