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Re: [Rollei] Help needed on GX Film loading

The Rolleiflex Gx has similar load ? unload film
system than the Rolleiflex T and Rollei Magic. 
Insert the empty spool into upper spool chamber,
keeping key slot to the right.. Insert the new film
spool into lower chamber (you must  pull out film
spool knob, insert film, right side first and allow
film knob to return to position). The tapered leading
edge of the film backing paper must point in the
direction it will go the film is run off.
Break the paper seal and pull the film backing paper
up to the empty spool; insert the tapered end into the
long slot. Turn the crank, while braking the full
spool with the left hand thumb ? wind until the two
printed triangular marks (or double arrows) are
opposite the red (or green) dots at sides of the film
aperture frame, then STOP¡. CLOSE THE BACK.
If you want cock the shutter, turn crank forward to
stop and back again in opposite direction to stop.
Film frame counter indicates No 1, shutter is cocked.
All the best

 --- Simon Greenwood <mail   escribió: > I
have just taken delivery of my first TLR, a GX I
> bought on ebay and it does not 
> have a manual, I tried looking i the net, but all
> the instructions seem to be for older 
> models that have less rollers at the top end.
> I have ordered a manual, but cannot wait to use it,
> can anyone help with idiot proof 
> instructions? I did manage, to great satisfaction to
> find the battery without help, but I 
> might as well get the film loaded right.
> regards
> Simon Greenwood

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