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Re: [Rollei] Help needed on GX Film loading

It should have the same type of film transport as the
Rolleicords if I remember another post correctly. 
There should be a red dot on both sides of the film
rails.  Just thread the film into the top spool with
the backing paper facing you.  Then wind it until the
two arrows point to the red dots.  Finally, close the
back and wind some more until it stops at frame 1. 
Very nice camera, BTW.  Tell us how you get on with it
and maybe post some pics (if you have a scanner) on
the www.rollei-gallery.net site.

- --- Simon Greenwood <mail   wrote:
> I have just taken delivery of my first TLR, a GX I
> bought on ebay and it does not 
> have a manual, I tried looking i the net, but all
> the instructions seem to be for older 
> models that have less rollers at the top end.

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