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[Rollei] FS: 3.5F and 2.8E2 plus random Bay I filters

Due to need to rationalise accumulated Rollei gear to finance purchase of a 
Fuji GW690III I've got to all a couple of my TLRs...


Rolleiflex 3.5F Xenotar, working meter, satin metal lenscap, glass all 
clean and clear, decent cosmetics (all leather intact, some paint wear on 
the corners of nameplate, on tripod mount and (minor) knocked out and 
repainted ding on corner of removable hood).  Fully CLA'd (at a cost of 
some £100+) by Studio Workshop in London (part of the Sangers Group, the 
main Rollei UK dealers) about 9 months ago.  £350 ono or £400 with full 
Rolleikin set (including counter and in its original leather case and 
excellent condition box) thrown in

Rolleiflex 2.8E2 Planar, with matching case and satin metal lenscap.  Again 
with working meter (though not too sure of accuracy on this one), again 
cosmetically decent - not a beater, but not immaculate - some paint wear 
and a pair of light grooves on the front underside immediately above the 
two front metal fixing points for a Rolleifix (in fact the guy at Studio 
Workshop said looked at it said it came from having spent a lifetime being 
taken on and off a Rolleifix - has anyone ever come across this on another 
camera).  Optics again super clean and clear (though coating on this one 
doesn't appear as nice as on 3.5F) Anyhow, this one has also had a full CLA 
at Studio Workshop in the last year and runs as smooth as anything.  £400 ono

Plus - set of 9 strange and random Bay I filters in leather Rollei 
case.  All strange oddments that came with a Rolleicord I bought (and 
intend to keep):
- - a B&W polariser, metal gleaming, polariser largely intact - about 1mm of 
degradation round the edges - should be ok for anything other than wide 
open shots
- - a Rollei light green (hellgrun) filter in good condition - nice and shiny 
(and normal in this company)
- - a dark blue (tungsten? 80A maybe) filter mounted in a tatty filter ring 
that used to hold a Curtar filter
- - a soft (spiral) filter mounted in what used to be a Proxar ring
- - a ND filter (looks like 3 or 4 strength) mounted in another Proxar ring
- - a light blue cooling filter (and 82?) mounted in what used to be a 
Rolleinar ring
- - what looks to be an 81B warming filter in an old curtar ring (clearly the 
guy who did all this stuff didn't like his close up filters much...)
plus a couple of filters that may or may not include the original 
Curtar/Rolleinar glass.

All of these weird filters have been put together pretty well - together 
they represent a pretty comprehensive set of useful (if eccentrically 
presented) filters of a sort you don't often find in Bay I.  And they come 
one of those nice Rollei leather filter boxes.  Anyone want to offer me £35 
for the lot? (or £25 without the box?)

I'll post anywhere in the world at cost price.  Payment preferred by Paypal 
if possible (the earlier I get the cash, the sooner I can buy the 
Fuji...).  As with all Rollei list sales, I'm happy to offer full refund if 
not satisfied, provided the buyer picks up the cost of insured postage of 
the thing back to me.  But I'm sure you'll be happy!  If you are concerned 
re my credentials, I don't know if ebay ratings help, but mine are at 
- - as are a bunch of nice things I've put up for sale on Ebay - v nice 
prism, binocular hood, panoramic head and other stuff also for sale.

Please email me off list for more details if you are interested.