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WTB/FS ads are welcome but are to be posted on Fridays only, as of the
poster's zone time.

I have no problem, incidentally, with commercial postings, so long as basic
ethics are observed.  And I do expect that any FS/WTB deal negotiated
through the Rollei List will allow a reasonable return privilege and MBG.
(This rule does NOT apply to the pointing out on the List on Fridays of
auctions on other sites:  the rules of the auction site would then apply
and not the List rules.)  And MBG means a "Money-back Guarantee".  This
means that if someone dislikes something they have purchased, they have an
absolute right to return it without explanation.  The seller may set a
reasonable period for this right -- 10-days from receipt is normal in the

And, when you reply to such an ad, PLEASE DO SO BY PRIVATE E-MAIL and not
by a posting to the entire Rollei List!

Marc Small
Rollei List Panjandrum

msmall    FAX:  +540/343-7315
Cha robh bas fir gun ghras fir!