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[Rollei] FS Friday: Enlarger, accessories

For sale

Enlarger, Omega DII 4x5, the model without the crank-driven elevating
mechanism but otherwise similar to the D2. Sound useable condition. Comes
with baseboard, lens mounting disk and lensboard, 35mm condenser and 35mm
negative carrier. $110. Add the Nikkor lens below for another $30. This
would be a 35mm enlarger complete and ready to use except for the bulb and a
lens retaining ring.

- -- 35 mm condenser $30

- -- Cast aluminum wall mount for Omega 4x5 enlarger$75

- -- Enlarging lens: 50mm El-Nikkor f2.8 , case, box, clean. $40

- -- Quantum 1 flash accessories: two battery modules for Vivitar flashes
(for use with 263 or 3700 flash units) $20 each, Quantum 1 style module
extension cord $10, Quantum 1 charger $10. Or all for $40.

- -- Auto Vivitar 35mm f2.8 lens, front and back caps, UV filter, $30

Successful bidder pays shipping from Boston area.