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[Rollei] Idea - Rollei Gallery Profile

We've had some great participation in the Rollei-Gallery, and I had a
thought I'd appreciate some feedback to...

What do you think of the idea of distributing a weekly profile of one of our
gallery contributors? Each week, I would take a few paragraphs supplied by
one of our members and add a brief statement discussing one or two
interesting aspects of his/her work as presented at the Gallery (or other
link). No critiques or criticism... just something aimed at helping others
see the work in different ways. The profile could be about anything the
artist chooses... their history, the types of subjects they like to shoot,
recent work, a call for opinions or artistic input on a specific piece or
body of work, etc.  If needed, I could do some light editing to help each
contributor look their best...

Think there is anything here? Would people be interested? Would you
participate. Responses on or off-list appreciated...


Eric Goldstein