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Re: [Rollei] Rollei repairs

I would recommend Ed Trzoska who really knows and loves old cameras.

He repairs and services Super Ikontas, Contaxes, Rolleiflexes, Hasselblad
and Leicas and is a keen user and photographer himself.
Ivor Matanle in his articles on old cameras in the UK Amateur Photographer
magazine often refers to Ed repairing cameras for him or loaning him
beautifully working cameras for review articles.

Ed Trzoska can be contacted at
Europhoto Services
150 Harrow Gate Drive
Leicester, LE4 3GP, United Kingdom.

I have mailed him two cameras for repair/ CLA and got both back working
beautifully and he is working on a third for me at the moment.

Hope this helps.

Claude Hayward

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> Hi all,
> Anyone know of a reputable Rollei repair place in UK?  (3.5F  wind-on)
> Thanks,
> regards,
> Bob
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