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Re: [Rollei] 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?

In a message dated 5/7/2003 4:29:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, jerryleh   writes:

> Todd
> Yes, but how many items does he really USE?  Other than a neck strap.
> lens cap and lens hood. Film of course.
> Jerry
In honesty?  The older I get the simpler I keep it.  Most of the time I take with me one camera, strap, lens hood, maybe two filters (Green and Orange).

About half the time I also take rolleifix and small gitzo and a cable release.  If I go beyond this it's to add rolleinar 1 and 2.

A few times a year I take one or both mutars, but not often.

If I know I'm going into rough terrain and not taking a tripod, I'll put the camera in the leather case, but this is VERY seldom and becoming less so as I get older. And, as I said before, for shooting on a tripod outdoors I fairly often use the stovepipe, since it excludes light marvelously.

Aside from that, most of the stuff hardly ever gets any exercise.

Just out of habit, whether I'm using the Rollie or some other camera, I usually take the Sekonic L-508, since I like to meter shadows.

G. King