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Re: [Rollei] 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?

The heat from the P95 is not that bad because there is a glass heat 
shield inside that prevents much of the heat from transferring upwards 
to the camera. Not that I'd leave the thing running with camera 
installed for long lengths of time.

The Rolleiscop was a 35 mm projector - a very strange one at that - 
not the ANPRO table top projector that we were discussing.


TrueBadger   wrote:

Yes, it's a P11.  I almost typed that, but did
not want to subject my rapidly failing memory to
the scrutiny of this crowd of perfectionists lest
I be wrong.  The old Rollei data sheets I have
from the 70's simply use the term "Universal".

I did have a chance to pick up a Rolleiscop a
few years back, but somehow, subjecting the camera
to the heat from a projector lamp never seemed
like a good idea to me. I've also had ONE shot in
my life at a Rolleimot, but this item scared me also.
I had visions of it twisting the wind crank right
off at the stem. Also I had no earthly use for it,
but that in itself has never stopped me.  I have
some equipment I haven't even VISITED in the past
three years, let alone used.

I swear though, I'm gonnd follow Bill Bennetts
example and kick this evil habit soon.

G. King