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Re: [Rollei] Rollei repairs

On Wednesday May 07 2003, Bob McClelland wrote:
> Hi all,


> Anyone know of a reputable Rollei repair place in UK?  (3.5F  wind-on)

The Studio Workshop
20/22 Brunswick Centre
Bernard Street
Tel: 0207 278 7633
Fax: 0207 278 7340

To the best of my knowledge they have two engineers that know Rollei
kit really well. I'm going to send them my Va for a CLA in the next
month or so.

Oh, hello to the list by the way :) I've been lurking here for a
little while after acquiring a Rolleicord Va about a month ago - my
first medium format camera! I guess responding to this question
makes for a good excuse to de-cloak ;)


> Thanks,
> regards,
> Bob 
> Cornwall (U.K.)
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