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[Rollei] PAW catch-up

Finally got film out of both my Baby rollei and my 2.8C. I'm now up to date with my PAW. I think!!
Week 15 was taken at the local National Guard armory, that's an M4A3E8 Sherman. It is the last version of the Sherman with beefed up armour and a 
76mm high velocity gun. It was designed to take on the Tiger, while the gun could do the job the armour still was inadequate. In the foreground is an M60.


Week 16 is actually a chimney but it looks like a stone wall.


Week 17 the apple trees are in bloom


Week 18 with the spring the tiles fall off the side of the pool, time to glue them back


Comments are always welcome, (no counter on this site, it the only way I know if you've seen them)

Neal F