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Re: [Rollei] 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?


Yes, it's a P11.  I almost typed that, but did not want to subject my rapidly failing memory to the scrutiny of this crowd of perfectionists lest I be wrong.  The old Rollei data sheets I have from the 70's simply use the term "Universal".

I did have a chance to pick up a Rolleiscop a few years back, but somehow, subjecting the camera to the heat from a projector lamp never seemed like a good idea to me. I've also had ONE shot in my life at a Rolleimot, but this item scared me also.  I had visions of it twisting the wind crank right off at the stem. Also I had no earthly use for it, but that in itself has never stopped me.  I have some equipment I haven't even VISITED in the past three years, let alone used.

I swear though, I'm gonnd follow Bill Bennetts example and kick this evil habit soon.

G. King