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Re: [Rollei] 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?

I've a smallish range of Rollei accessories - a very
battered prism, Rolleikin, Rolleifix, hoods, filters
in bay I and II, 16-on kit for the T, Rolleiflash (bay
I fitting only). Of these, I use the Rolleifix a lot,
the 16-on kit is generally in the T, and so the prism
sometimes gets used with it. The filters of course get
some use, the hoods extensive use, the Rolleikin very
infrequent use and the Rolleiflash is just there to
look pretty. Whoops, I mean pretty odd.
In use, my favourite combination is camera (3.5F
Xenotar - 6 element), strap, hood and Weston
Euromaster II (just to prove the F meter is still
accurate - it always is) - and lots of Velvia. For
portraits, camera (any, but often the 'Cord V or T, or
sometimes 3.5F Planar for B&W), flash, Lunapro F,
tripod, Rolleifix, cable release.
For serious landscape work, camera (chosen according
to film type and result wanted), hood tripod,
Rolleifix, cable release, Pentax Spotmeter V and
Euromaster II.