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Re: [Rollei] 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?

Do you have:

The P95 projector for Rollei TLR?
The -0.75 Rolleinar?
Polariod back with Rolleicopi WLF?
Rolleinar 4?
The 2x Duonar?
Filters for Duonar?
Binocular folding shade for WLF?
Simple black folding shade for WLF?
Microscope Prism and adapter for Bay III?
Stereo attachment?
Verlauf filter attachment in Bay III?
Metal waterproof case?
All nine colour correction filters? (R1, R1.5, R5, R7, R11, B1, B5, B7, 
H1 filter?
85 C filter?
81 filter?
Complete set of diopters for the waist level finder - top and back (from 
- -3 to +3)
Masking set for 6x4.5
Everyready case front for 2.8F with prism attached?


TrueBadger   wrote:
> I guess I'm lucky.  I have essentially ALL the 
 > original Rollei accessories for my two 2.8f's
 > and my Tele-Rollei.
> I don't have the motor drive or the underwater 
 > housing, but aside from that I pretty much do have
 > them all, including the Mutars and five Mutar filters.