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Re: [Rollei] what's the newest?


The newest?  I just bought a pro-pack of Tri-X yesterday.


Dan Kalish wrote:

> The flip side of "what's the oldest?" is "what's the newest?".
> Let's use the same critereon we used for "oldest" except now its "newest".
> The equipment must have been bought new.
> As for myself, in the past 2 years, I've acquired a used Nikon F Photomic
> and a few Nikon lenses (1967?), a used SL66 and a Sonnar 150 lens
> (1966-1970), and a used Graphic View II (1950s).  Some of the Nikon and
> other accessories I've acquired, such as a SLIK mini-tripod might be new.
> I'm in the process of getting a NEW Rodenstock lens for the Graphic View.
> That purchase feels odd.
> Dan Kalish