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Re: [Rollei] 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?

I guess I'm lucky.  I have essentially ALL the original Rollei accessories for my two 2.8f's and my Tele-Rollei.

I don't have the motor drive or the underwater housing, but aside from that I pretty much do have them all, including the Mutars and five Mutar filters.

I regard the Lenshood as essential, so I have two of those, and the same with the rolliefix.  I also keep spare straps, and I never use the camera without a strap on it and said strap around my neck unless the camera is ON the tripod.

The prism and pistol grip I don't use much. Too heavy and clumsy.  I have a stovepipe hood that I use a lot when working in bright sun on a tripod.

Mostly I keep it simple and go out with one rollei, a couple of filters, (green and orange as a rule) lenshood, and a small gitzo tripod with the rolleifix attatched.

I use the rolleinar 1 and 2 fairly often, but am not sure I've ever used the 3.

One more thing I've never used is the Infra-red filter.

G. King

All my Rollie gear is in a fitted case, but I only take it when on a trip of some duration. With the three Rolleis and accessories it's pretty heavy, and tends to stay in the car (but within my eyesight) on rare occasions when I think I need it all.

The rolleipol I've used only a couple of times, and the panoramic head not at all.  Should try it one of these days.