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RE: [Rollei] 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?

> I was just thinking how nice it might be to have a pistol grip, and/or a
prism on my
> 3.5f, and I came to realize i have no accessories for my Rollei.  What are
> things that you RUG'ers use and love?

My things are: light meter (Gossen Digisix), case and lens hood.

I prefer to keep it simple when I'm off with the Rollei. The pistol grip and
prism are left at home since I find them pretty awkward in use. I prefer
using the Sport-finder instead when I need to shoot on eye level. The
intentional uses I have with the prism was last winter when it was snowing,
and the self portrait for the Rollei-gallery  ^_^

Siu Fai