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Re: [Rollei] More OT Jobo advice

In a message dated 5/6/2003 6:09:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, pkkollas   writes:

> On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 11:20  AM, TrueBadger   wrote:
> > Someone mentioned the idea that the CPE was advantageous becaus it 
> > held LESS water.  It seems to me that from a thermal stability point 
> > of view this is wrong, and that the larger thermal inertia represented 
> > by the 4.5 gallon fill in the CPP2 makes it easier to maintain a fixed 
> > temperature.
> I said that, thinking of conservation of resources (CPE advantage).  
> You are correct in your analysis of the thermal inertia.  I rarely do 
> more than 2 batches of film at a time, (1 batch being in the 90 
> Percentile marker) and (choke, chuckle, smiley smiley) don't need no 
> steenking 4.5 gallon thermal mass for a 3min 15sec sensitivity to temp 
> variation  :-)   :-)  Hi! Hi!  and whatever else it takes for me to 
> indicate i'm not being contemptuous or caustic.  :-)
> As to >ease< of maintaining a fixed temperature, isn't this soley 
> dependent upon the temperature sensing transducer, and the associated 
> re-heating and distribution of the renewed heat?  If it weren't for the 
> water circulation feature of the CPP, maybe it would be >harder< to 
> maintain a fixed temp, because of the greater caloric demand,  coupled 
> with the much more expansive water surface, with attendant evaporation 
> and radiation?  OK, i'm scratching flour in a grain 
> elevator.  Back to 
> the pens and Brit cars. :-)
> pk

Actually some of your points are valid, and certainly so in the context of the usage you make of the unit.  I too process mostly one roll at a time, but I leave the jobo filled, only draining it every ten days or so to keep the primitive life forms from thriving in there.

I sure don't want to argue with anyone who's environmental concsience determines his path in life, but I honestly suspect that the impact of the few thousand old farts who still practice a bit of darkroom on what is probably mostly a two-roll a week basis will hasten the end of life as we know it on our planet by more than fifteen seconds.

I too can take my rhetorical liberties.

G. King