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Re: [Rollei] Straps for Rolleicords

on 5/6/03 2:59 PM, TrueBadger   wrote:

> Some days back I posted an item on the availability of some incredibly
> inexpensive straps that work perfectly with the rolleicord with no
> modification whatsoever.  The straps were made for the NIMSLO, but have the
> right kind of ends and are incredibly inexpensive.
> It kind of astonished me that this seemed to draw no interest, so I'm posting
> again.  I mean, a strap that works and looks good for less than a buck?  How
> can it be that there is no interest in this from this group?
> Anyone who wants to know about this, contact me off-list, I'll send you the
> particulars.
> G. King

G. K.,

Lay it on me.

Allen Zak