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Re: [Rollei] OT: B&W Development- JOBO Advice?

On 2003.05.06 22:06 Jim Hemenway wrote:

> I couldn't keep the chemicals warm enough while in the drum,
> especially
> the long 1st developer.  Perhaps I'll try again on a hot evening this
> summer.
> The 11x14 sheets of film took up most of the inside of the Beseler
> drum,
> emulsion side in, and covered the ridges.  I didn't notice any
> agitation
> caused differences on the finished film.

On the Jobo the tank runs in a water bath.  It also spins around
at 75 rpm.  So the temperature should be fairly even.  I don't
do colour work, so cannot give first hand advice on the suitability
for colour.

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Richard Urmonas
rurmonas  .au