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Re: [Rollei] More OT Jobo advice

If all you are going to do is B&W film and you don't work in a tropical 
environment the less expensive ones (CPE or CPA) will do just fine.  What 
you give up by going with the less expensive models is:

         Temperature control +/- .2 degree vs. .1 degree (matters for C-41 
         Ability to LOWER the temperature of the drum (using a presumably 
cold sink connection)
         Ability to use the really big Expert drum for very large prints

If these compromises are OK then the more modest JOBO will work great.


At 06:15 PM 5/5/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I need greater consistency in my B&W film developing. I scan all film and 
>PS it. Which model of JOBO is the right one for doing 35mm and 120 roll 
>film in B&W? (of course the most expensive one is the best, but in my 
>situation, that aint gonna happen).
>Jeffery Smith

Best Regards,

David Seifert