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R: [Rollei] Obsolete skills (was Why the 6-element lens for 3.5Fs)

Many years ago, I studied engineering in Milano, and I performed all my
calculations using a Nestler 25cm (10") slide-rule.
Nowadays, I still use a Faber-Castell 5" slide-rule, which I have been usign
on the field for many years, in every possible environment: hot, cold, wet,
damp, with no failures at all: no batteries!
The only drawback is that you must understand the magnitude of the results,
and know what to expect from them (but this is just what old-style engineers
were trained for, isn't it?).

> >I was using a slide rule in the 6th grade.  I'm sure Jerry, since he
> >also went to Bronx Science, mastered slide rules.
> Are there more than three of us on this list?
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> les clark / edgewater, nj / usa
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