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Re: [Rollei] OT: B&W Development- JOBO Advice?

On Mon, 5 May 2003, Fox, Robert wrote:

> Just a quick question for those of you experienced in B&W
> development:. I'm considering buying a Jobo setup to develop medium
> format B&W and E-6. Are units like the CPP-2 worth the invesment?
> Folks on the darkroom forums seem to love the Jobos and report very
> consistent, high quality results. Anyone here use of these processors?

After a short interlude with an old CPA (used as a roller base) and a
little more intensive affair with a CPA-2 with lift I bought a few Expert
drums and discovered that CPA-2/CPP-2 is marginal for the big expert
drums. After seeing a used ATL-3 for an ridiculus low price, I bought it
and won't need another processor ever. Just fill in up to 1.8l chemicals
per bottle (this is mighty fine for coming back with lots of film from a
photo weekend... 8x120 in one run with ID11 1+1), dial the correct process
number (I mostly use Delta 100 or 400 with ID11 1+1, so I programmed two
processes for these two films), connect the drum and press start... it
won't start before the temp in the developer bottle is between 19.8 and
20.2 Celcius and will beep when the batch is developed, twobath-fixed and
washed. Each film is _exactly_ identical developed to the next, and you
can go and read mailing lists while the thing is running.

One additional advantage: Jobo has all and every spare parts for this
older machine, and the technical manual (with exploded views, wiring
diagrams and repair hints) is available via .pdf.


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