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Re: [Rollei] Obsolete skills (was Why the 6-element lens for 3.5Fs)

You were in the lap of intimacy. In my school, the boys and girls were
separated by a brick wall. The wall went through the middle of the
school building. In the yard, the school initially had a wire fence
separating the play grounds. But when they us saw consorting the wall
was extended from inside the building to the edge of the property.
Slobodan Dimitrov

Ferdi Stutterheim wrote:
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> > I think this is even more obsolete. I had to learn penmanship with pen
> > and ink. In elementary school, I had an inkwell in the top right hand
> > (that's right, the state didn't recognize left handed writing) corner of
> > my school desk. We had to wear smocks over our school clothes to keep
> > them from being soiled with ink.
> > Oh, and yeah, this was in France, the land of Liberty, Fraternity,
> > Equality, etc.
> > Slobodan Dimitrov
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> Yes! There was this girl sitting in the row before me in the class room. I
> tried to dip her long hair in the inkwell. Although the first feminist wave
> was still far away, this was not appreciated.
> Ferdi.