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Re: [Rollei] OT: B&W Development- JOBO Advice?

On Monday, May 5, 2003, at 05:37  AM, Fox, Robert wrote:

> Just a quick question for those of you experienced in B&W 
> development:. I'm considering buying a Jobo setup to develop medium 
> format B&W and E-6. Are units like the CPP-2 worth the invesment?  
> Anyone here use of these processors?

"worth the investment"  is subjective, and greatly dependent upon what 
and how much you anticipate using it for.  I have both the CPE-2plus 
and the CPA-2, both bought used, not new.  I use the CPE-2 almost 
exclusively, as it is useful for films and prints up to 11"x14", and 
only requires something just over a gallon of water in the temperature 
stabilizing tank.  The CPA's and CPP's will handle up to 'huge', and 
require about 3 gallons of water, as i recall (i don't use it much).  
There should be plenty of used processors around, as the rush to 
digital runs rampant.  I certainly recommend the CPE-2plus!