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RE: [Rollei] OT: B&W Development- JOBO Advice?


I use the ATL1500 and it's the best thing I have ever bought for my
darkroom.  It's more automated than the CPP-2 I believe, as the ATL series
automatically "changes" the chemicals and automatically agitates etc., in
other words, you load the film and chemicals, select the program, push a
button and come back when it beeps, and it's done.  The other best thing
that is needed, at least with this model, is a water temperature regulator,
and I chose the Intellifaucet 250, which, aside from some minor glitches,
works very well.



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> Just a quick question for those of you experienced in B&W
> development:. I'm considering buying a Jobo setup to develop
> medium format B&W and E-6. Are units like the CPP-2 worth the
> invesment? Folks on the darkroom forums seem to love the Jobos
> and report very consistent, high quality results. Anyone here use
> of these processors? Can e-mail me directly to avoid RUG clutter.
> TIA,
> R.J.
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