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[Rollei] Funny: no Rollei 3.5 {Planar|Xenotar} to find

Hello Rolleiphiles,

I'm looking for a Rollei 3.5 Planar model for some time now. Of course,
I'm watching ebay.de closely. One interesting observation: It is _much_
easier to find a f2.8 model than a 3.5 model (with Planar/Xenotar). Oodles
of Automat, Rolleiflex T, Rolleicord and f2.8 models, but no 3.5 with a
Planar or Xenotar. If one 3.5 is showing up, you can bet it's a
F... nobody seems to sell an older 3.5 Planar/Xenotar model.

Any similar observations?


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