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[Rollei] Oldies (ads in magazines)

My wife and I hate sitting around the house, so today we headed out to the
flea markets. They're run by Albanians, refugees from Balkan, Middle East,
Africa, you name it. They do NOT want you pointing cameras at them. They
sell junk and drive Mercedes and BMW, go figure.

Anyway, I picked up some photography magazines from the 40'ies and 50'ies.
Just for the fun of it I scanned in some ads. They're in Swedish, but the
texts aren't that inspiring anyway.

I did find one text hilarious. It was a review of the M3 ... pointing out
how Leica cameras really hadn't changed that much from the very inception.
Kind of thought of BD who points out the M6 is an M3 with a meter :)

Anyway ... Leica and Rollei ads:

M3 and IIIf (the IIIf being billed as the leica for hobbyists ... "that's
why it even has a self-timer now.")


Just the M3:


Lenses (even the Thambar, I think):


Rollei 25 year anniversary


Rollei "E" models:


My darling, the Rolleicord V:


Mostly from 1954 - 1957.

In 1961 you could by a new M2 + 50 Elmar 2.8 for just over 1000 Swedish
crowns. (There are a little over 8 crowns to the USD). You could pay 15
dollars down and the rest in installments for 6 months. The magazine cost
2.50 SEK back then and 38 SEK today.

Just some trivia,