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[Rollei] Re: rollei-gallery

Daniel Ridings wrote:

> I don't know if it is particularly good use ... but I try to run a few
> rolls through the Rollei every week. A shot usually ends up as an
> alternative in a PAW (picture a week), kind of like a RAW (rollei a week
> :) ).
> This week is was "May Day" internationally, Oslo in my case:
> http://www.dlridings.com/paw2003/18alt2.html
> I find with Rolleis in particular one can follow Kyle Cassidy's advice:
> Keep pushing that shutter ... it'll come unstuck. Rollei shutters can be a
> little sticky with age :)

You're PAW 18 work is wonderful, Daniel. Both main images have impact and
humanity. Like-wise Week 17.

I admire your work, and I admire your work ethic. Kyle is right. Thanks for
showing us the good stuff... keep it coming...

Eric Goldstein