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Re: [Rollei] rollei-gallery

Mmm.  I like the site so far.  I put some of my Rollei
only pics on there recently.  The user interface is a
bit clunky, but it works so it does its job! ;-)  I've
gone through about half of the other posts there. 
Looks like some of those Rolleis are being put to good

- --- Daniel Ridings <daniel.ridings  
> Just a reminder.
> Some really nice stuff has been coming into the
> gallery recently. From:
> http://www.rollei-gallery.net
> Click on:
> http://www.rollei-gallery.net/recent-images.html
> This isn't a plug for me. None of mine are there.
> The gallery just seems
> to be taking off.
> All the best,
> Daniel

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