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Re: [Rollei] Maybe OT - What's the oldest?

At 03:33 PM 5/3/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Some recent comments about old members of the RUG (yellow cans etc) lead me
>to wonder: what is the oldest photographic thing you possess? In order to
>keep the volume of replies down, and make it more legit, confine your
>answers to things which you personally bought brand new!
>I'll start (though I'll need to have a look around the darkroom to make
>sure) : It's probably a bottle of Johnson's AMIDOL, from around the mid
>sixties.  I've got loads of stuff I bought around that time, but most of it
>was second hand (like a Corfield exposure meter, boxed, with paper manual
>and everything intact!, also got a BJP annual, 1959, but that was bought in
>1964!) but 2nd hand doesn't count.
>You got something more interesting, perhaps?
>Cornwall (U.K.)
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>Kernow Images: www.kernowimages.co.uk
>Surfaces: www.withoutgrass.com

How bout a 4X5 ferrotype plate which seems to not have been lost?  Must 
date from 1946 or earlier.  Got it after wax-coated glass failed me.

Don Williams
La Jolla, CA