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Re: [Rollei] OT: On the Reliability of British Cars


To go along with that, when I bought my MG-TD MkII in 1952, the
manual said that I should/ must get a valve regrind after the first 500
miles!  Now how many owners in the US did that?

When I got my Jaguar XK-120 MC(R) in 1954, I went to Jaguar
mechanics school for a month, to learn how to properly maintain
it.  I raced it in SCCA racing.


"Roger M. Wiser" wrote:

> I owned about 6 of the older Beetles (57-72) and I can attest to the oil
> leakage. Then I lived in northern Wis. and the only way I could tell that
> the manifold meter was operating was the smell of oil in the car. The valves
> had to be adjusted frequently. On British cars, one dealer mentioned when
> you buy them you shoul buy two because one would be in the garage at all
> times.
> R
> > Besides, the late, and deeply lamented Henry N Manney noted that there HAD
> > to be a connection between Volkswagen and the British (as there was),
> given
> > the amount of oil the early Kaffer leaked.
> >
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