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Re: [Rollei] OT: On the Reliability of British Cars


You are indeed a commodian!


Marc James Small wrote:

> At 06:10 PM 5/2/03 -0700, Richard Knoppow wrote:
> >  For all that the Germans were a lot better than the Brits
> >as makshifting decentlly after the war as those experienced
> >with post-war English cars know.
> Bunk, sir.  It is just that British cars were designed for ten hours of
> owner maintenance per week, something USians could not figure out.  Given
> that level of maintenance, these cars ran magnificently.
> The reliability of Lucas electrics far exceeded that of Bosch or Marelli in
> the 1950's and 1960's.  The US Army ran a number of tests on this and ended
> up purchasing Lucas and SU gear over German or US equivalents on the very
> matter of reliability.
> Besides, the late, and deeply lamented Henry N Manney noted that there HAD
> to be a connection between Volkswagen and the British (as there was), given
> the amount of oil the early Kaffer leaked.
> Marc
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