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[Rollei] OT: On the Reliability of British Cars

At 06:10 PM 5/2/03 -0700, Richard Knoppow wrote:
>  For all that the Germans were a lot better than the Brits
>as makshifting decentlly after the war as those experienced
>with post-war English cars know.

Bunk, sir.  It is just that British cars were designed for ten hours of
owner maintenance per week, something USians could not figure out.  Given
that level of maintenance, these cars ran magnificently.

The reliability of Lucas electrics far exceeded that of Bosch or Marelli in
the 1950's and 1960's.  The US Army ran a number of tests on this and ended
up purchasing Lucas and SU gear over German or US equivalents on the very
matter of reliability.

Besides, the late, and deeply lamented Henry N Manney noted that there HAD
to be a connection between Volkswagen and the British (as there was), given
the amount of oil the early Kaffer leaked.


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