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[Rollei] Maybe OT - What's the oldest?

Hi All,

Some recent comments about old members of the RUG (yellow cans etc) lead me
to wonder: what is the oldest photographic thing you possess? In order to
keep the volume of replies down, and make it more legit, confine your
answers to things which you personally bought brand new!

I'll start (though I'll need to have a look around the darkroom to make
sure) : It's probably a bottle of Johnson's AMIDOL, from around the mid
sixties.  I've got loads of stuff I bought around that time, but most of it
was second hand (like a Corfield exposure meter, boxed, with paper manual
and everything intact!, also got a BJP annual, 1959, but that was bought in
1964!) but 2nd hand doesn't count.

You got something more interesting, perhaps?

Cornwall (U.K.)

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