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Re: [Rollei] Film washing technique


I remember the metal film cans with yellow screw tops.  As I recall they 
were actually gasketed and relatively moisture proof.

I actually do remember real hypo too, just having a little fun.


David (not so young anymore either)

At 11:44 PM 5/2/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>You know how to make a middle ageed life long photographer feel very old 
>with that comment. My first time printing I used Sodium Hyposulfate and 
>not Sodium Thiosulfate.  But then I also used Kodak products in cans. My 
>favorite was the yellow metal caps on the 35mm film can, none of the 
>plastic stuff.
>>   Hypo is slang for the active agent in fixer which is currently Sodium 
>> Thiosulfate.  Way back when these things were getting their nicknames 
>> fixers used Sodium Hyposulfate.  Or so I have been told by those who 
>> claim to remember <g>.

Best Regards,

David Seifert