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[Rollei] Re: Why the 6-element lens for 3.5Fs

Richard Knoppow wrote:

> Neumann microphones show some of the problems of obtaining
> parts in early post-war Germany. The famous U-47 microphone,
> for instance, uses an odd tube. In fact, it was a tube
> designed for five-tube AC-DC radios and was used because it
> was relatively easy to get and made the design simpler. They
> are awful tubes (heresy!!) and have been impossible to get
> for decades.

I just keep rebuilding the one in mine... that is pretty much what everyone
does who did not FETize theirs (take about heresy!)...

There is quite a bit of lore surrounding this particular tube... to say that
it is awful is heresy indeed but no mark of courage if only posted to the
rollei list... <g>

Eric Goldstein