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Re: [Rollei] Film washing technique

Philippe Tempel wrote:

> I've been using the six water change method in a Jobo
> tank.  Do you guys/gals think this is enough to get
> the fixer off the film?  This came up in B&W Photo III
> class last time and some though that the standard
> 10-15 minute wash combined with a Hypo clearing agent
> is needed.  I just wanna make sure I get no surprises
> 10 to 20 years down the road... ;-)

I wash film with an air bubbles + water device, actually called... you
guess,  film washer. This very cheap and effective thing is sold at any
serious photo store around the corner.

If that is hard to find or there's no corners where you live it can be
easily built up by yourself.

I over-wash for 15/20 min, yes... the thing maker states film is actually
washed out in less than 10 min.