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Re: [Rollei] Why the 6-element lens for 3.5Fs

Marc James Small wrote:

> That is bunk, as the assembly lines and control measures were identical.
> The switchover was done over a matter of months and simply reflected a
> changed engraving in the nummernschild.  I own a number of Zeiss-Opton and
> early Carl Zeiss lenses and have never seen a bit of difference in their
> performance.

It was not suggested that the lower level QC/larger quality spread had
anything to do with changing assembly line, or control meassures.
Maybe a "fresh wind" blowing through the Oberkochen company, responsible for
the boost in convidence that made them drop the "Opton" prefix and claim to
be The One And Only "Zeiss" (no more, no less), also affected how people "on
the line" approached their daily tasks?

Anyway, in the case of Tessars made for Hasselblad, the change from
"Zeiss-Opton" to "Zeiss" Tessar was accompanied with a change in mount. Do
you know if that is the only difference?