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Re: [Rollei] 2.8 Opton-Tessar images

Interesting and nice shots for a test, very good  for
a 50+ years old lens. I think they allow a  sharpness
comparison with Daniel Ridings? Rolleicord V 3.5 Xenar
lens photographs (f.e. ?Äkreberg?). IMHO, the Xenar
3.5 shows a little better sharpness, but I agree that
it is a subjective subject matter in this case and we
must consider the digital process incidence too   
All the best
- --- Neal Friedenthal <neal  >
escribió: > With the discussion about the 2.8 Tessar I
> that I'd post a couple of images from my test roll
> out of my 2.8A
> http://www.rollei-gallery.net/nealf/image-44656.html
> http://www.rollei-gallery.net/nealf/image-44657.html
> Not too bad for a 50+ year old lens.

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