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[Rollei] Friday FS

I have the following adapters for sale:

 EX+ Novoflex Leica Adapter LEA-R    $45
(compare new at EURO 69.00 from Novoflex)

 EX+ Novoflex Nikon Adapter NIKA     $40
(compare new at $69.00 from Novoflex)

 EX+ Novoflex Adapter HEKLEI
for use of older Leitz Hektor 4,5/13,5 cm lens head on Novoflex (or other)
bellows with M39 (Leica screw mount) thread or on Novoflex mirror box
rare item no longer in production: 	$45

EX chrome LIESEGANG close-up lens in original leather case.
Slide-on mount (measures ca. 46mm).  Strap on leather case loose on one side.

I will pay postage within the US
Payment by PayPal or USPO Money order



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