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Re: [Rollei] Search for highest 5 element Planar -- how about Tessar

At 07:21 PM 5/1/03 -0700, Richard Knoppow wrote:
>  Since B&L continued to make Zeiss design lenses for many
>years after WW-1 it would be interesting to know what
>arrangement, if any, they had about the _names_. B&L
>continued to use the Zeiss names on a number of lenses for
>decades. Were they not covered under some copyright law or
>did the two companies have some sort of agreement.

Bausch & Lomb purchased the US rights to the extant Zeiss lens names under
the Alien Properties Act of 1917.  I believe that B&L and Zeiss did have a
mutual business arrangement after 1920 but it was not the warm and close
relationship which had existed prior to the War.


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