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Re: [Rollei] New AF lenses for 6008 AF, the FX available in Europe

QG and BD

Haw 'bout Tilley Hats?


"Q.G. de Bakker" wrote:

> bdcolen wrote:
> > I'm sorry, but you must have confused this for a Rolleiflex list; it's a
> > mistake not a few of us have made. It turns out this is the 6-element
> > Tessar Debating and Belly Button Lint Collecting Society List. :-)
> I don't understand what's bothering you.
> This lens business is directly related to the differences between versions
> of Rollei cameras. And it is part of Rollei history.
> So why do you object to discussing these topics on the Rollei list? Is it
> that you would rather discuss fountain pens some more?