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Re: [Rollei] 2.8A Tessar, was Why the 6-element lens for 3.5Fs

Nick Roberts <nickbroberts   asked:

> As an aside, has anybody ever tried the 2.8 Opton
> Tessar?

I have a Rolleiflex 2.8A with one.  My detailed
resolution tests are at home (they should be in the
archives), but the bottom line is that my version is
pretty soft below f/8 and never matches my various 3.5
Tessars, let alone the later lenses.  That said, it is
the only Rolleiflex I own which my wife approves of
for photographing her (she especially dislikes the 4.5
Tessar in my original Rolleiflex which she claims is
so sharp it is cabable of resolving blemishes which
disappeared 35 years ago).

John Lehman
College, Alaska USA (working in the People's Republic of Berkeley until June)