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[Rollei] Re: Rollei Users list digest V12 #61


Tell them to get rid of the tacky old-fashioned nameplates on the new
TLR's.  IMHO, the GX blue Edition nameplate looks much more classy.

And they should bring back the built-in selftimers!

Viel Spaß in Braunschweig,

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 09:21:12 +0200
From: Ferdi Stutterheim <ferdi  
Subject: [Rollei] Rollei Factory Visit - FGTB (Ferdi Goes To Braunschweig).

Hello All,

In about a week I hope to put my feet on the Holy Floors of Salzdahlumer
Strasse 196 in Braunschweig. Yes, I am going to visit the Rollei factory
with other members of the Rollei Club of the Netherlands once again! It
would be nice to see the new Rollei Wide in "full" production.

I suppose we will have a chance to speak with Rollei management. I will ask
them about 6008 AF-lenses, Bay IV hoods, etc.

Members who have questions to put to Rollei are invited to mail me On or Off
List. I will report back after the visit.

Kind regards,

Ferdi Stutterheim,
Drachten, The Netherlands.